Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V (5) Released! 17/09/2013

And the day has finally dawned.. Gamers around the world rejoice as Grand Theft Auto V (5) is finally released.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Map

Grand Theft Auto 5 Map or Ninja Turtle

A couple of gamers have reportedly received copies of the game before its release and it has caused quite a stir when the gta 5 map was leaked out. Social media is buzzing about this map which is apparently bigger than all other previous maps combined. And yes.. It looks like it is non other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle called “Leonardo”. Can you see it?

No doubt this game is going to be huge, there are reports that amazon has sold out copies of Grand Theft Auto already, I personally don’t believe it, I looked at Amazon and it seems that it is all systems go! =D

Rumor has it that the budget on this game was over $200 million dollars and there is no doubt that with all the new environments, bigger city, better graphics and new gameplay we are in for a gaming treat. There will be over 700 missions in the new gta and get this, you will be able to buy your own bong shop! =P My only worry is this, how many hours of my life will I loose on this GTA! Well done to the guys at Rockstar North, bring it on!

Grand Theft Auto V (5) Trailer


Grand Theft Auto V (5) Gameplay

One of the coolest new things about the gameplay is that you will be able to switch between 3 different main characters. Each of which has their own history and goals.
There are also many other twists that you can expect like Vinewood having its own Hollywood sign. GTA V will also have 17 radio stations to choose from with over 230 licensed songs added to the soundtrack! Another cool new feature is that oil spills will now become flammable adding a whole new destructive element to game.


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